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Cartier Mağazası /01

Golden Goose /02

Playdium /03

Istanbul Airport

Facade Cladding Elements
Aluminum and Stainless

Zorlu Center

Fixed and Movable Metal Furniture
Steel and Stainless


Steel and Stainless Playground

Cartier Mağazası
Golden Goose

Metal Transformation of Designs

Ekolio has been providing services for years with the knowledge and experience in the global sector of a professional team experienced in different sectors. With our team that meets expectations at the highest level, we serve world brands in the jobs we undertake. We are a company that successfully completes all processes from start to finish, integrating R&D, project development, architectural and technical drawing, production, application and assembly stages.

- Ekolio Metal

Ekolio, with its years of experience and by planning his savings with the meticulousness of an artist, transforms it into satisfaction. Our culture is people-oriented, sustainable commitment to environmental and ethical values is on.

Special Design Facade and project applications

The most difficult designs, life in our workshop It is found and replaced. made Our works attract the attention of all who see them and wins his admiration.


We transform metal materials such as stainless steel, steel, aluminum and brass into art in line with your designs and our architectural team. Every product is of special importance to us. Our expert team designs, processes and adds its soul to each product by putting special effort into it.

Designs reflected in metal. Our company, which forms a whole, has been providing services for years with the advanced knowledge and experience of a professional team experienced in different sectors and in the global sector. We are a company that serves world brands and successfully completes all processes in the jobs we undertake with our team that meets the needs and innovation at the highest level.

We transform all kinds of metal into art and craftsmanship and produce new designs. The products produced by us in our Ekolio factory are made of metals such as standard or stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze and aluminum and are handcrafted specifically for your projects.

Specializing in special furniture, structures, prototypes and metal joinery, project design and processing, Ekolio combines creativity, quality, experience and application speed simultaneously.

Fixed Metal Furniture and Furniture Parts 1

Movable Metal Furniture 2

Brass, brass-plated metal furniture 3

Stainless Steel table, coffee table, partition, interior design designs 4

Ekolio always finds a solution with its employers. It works in the consciousness of its partner. Engineer It produces services with artist meticulousness in its analytics.

Store Metal decorations 5

Store Exterior 6

Special design metal furniture 7

Specially Designed Lighting Elements 8

An ongoing partnership with all of our employers. We carry out work.

With its domestic and international experience, Ekolio offers the service of completing your projects with the highest quality, within the time you expect and completely.

Functional and Specially Designed Metal Furniture

When you want to add the sparkle of metal to your designs Ekolio is always with you.

Store Shelves


Metal Decorative Products


Ekolio specializes in the manufacturing of custom furniture, structural elements, facade components, interior improvements and other functional metal products made of metal. With its experience and meticulousness in details, it offers you quality and on-time production simultaneously.

01 01

and Strategy

Starting with the order, engineering designs are made down to the smallest detail, and construction methods and process planning are made. Our employer is informed at every stage of the process.

02 02

and Manufacturing

Each component to be used in manufacturing is supplied from domestic and international markets according to the requirements of the job. According to the determined construction method, the manufacturing process begins quickly. Design finds its shape in master hands. Quality and conformity checks are carried out at every stage of production. Manufacturing processes are coordinated in accordance with planning inside and outside the workshop.

03 03


Products that fully meet expectations are prepared and delivered to our employer as planned.


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